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Synthetic Urine Reviews: Which Brand Is Really Best?

I’m aware of about 20 different brands of synthetic urine currently being made, so I can understand why it’s confusing to work out which brand is best. Every one of the synthetic urine reviews you read will tell you that a certain type of urine will definitely pass any type of drug test.

So what’s the truth? I’m telling you that most of it is marketing hype, and around 80% of the synthetic urine out there is out of date, poorly made, repackaged, white-label branded, or simply doesn’t contain the ingredients needed to pass modern laboratory testing.

I’m going to take a look in-depth at what synthetic urine needs to contain, tell you which brands don’t contain it, and which ones do. Plus, we’ll look at exactly how to use synthetic urine so you don’t get caught, including avoiding the biggest mistake people make using it.

What’s In Synthetic Urine?

To pass a drug test, the best synthetic urine will have to contain all the natural chemicals that human urine does so that when it’s tested at the lab, it passes for the real thing. More than that, those things have to be in the correct balances, so they appear in natural quantities.

Things like Urea, Uric acid, Creatinine, the basics of human urine. But is more than that, there have to be other chemical markers in there as well, plus vitamins, minerals. It will also have to be within the correct pH range and the correct specific gravity range.

More than that, the best synthetic urine will foam like real urine, look like it, and smell like it. That may sound simple, but achieving it in fake urine is incredibly difficult, and most don’t.

So not all synthetic urine is created the same, anything which is sold as “fetish” urine should be avoided like the plague, and anything cheap, I’m talking $20 or something, is also not ever going to be good enough to pass a drug test.

Why People Fail Using Fake Pee For Drug Test

If you’ve got good quality synthetic urine, even an average one that only contains some of the chemical markers needed, you may be surprised to know that the reason people fail drug tests is not because of the fake urine brands they are using, but because of the temperature, it’s submitted at.

Human urine exits the body at around 96°F – 100°F, so it’s a very small temperature deviation range. Because of cooling when you hand the sample over, anything above 90°F has to be accepted by a lab.

But that still only gives you 10° to work with. To get the liquid to that temperature, keep it there for maybe an hour or more, and then submit it so it’s valid, is actually not as easy as people think.

In fact, my guess is that a lot of people submitting samples of good quality urine who fail, and you then go online and submit moaning reviews, actually only have themselves to blame.

Another reason why people might fail is many synthetic urine brands looks unnatural. Some have greenish, completely unnatural color if the lab assisstant gives it a closer look he will see your sample is fake and you are busted. Another reason is, low-quality fake urine brands do not smell like real human pee, besides color and smell they do not produce foam, real urine has some foam. I am not saying that every lab assisstant will check your sample carefully, but it also very possible. There is a video on youtube from a lab assisstant who tells how to spot synthetic urine easily.

It’s not just about good quality urine, it’s about it being supplied with a good quality heat pad, or heat activator powder, which I’ll talk about more at the end.

How To Use Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test

So the trick to using synthetic urine for drug test success is to make sure that it’s the right temperature. Obviously, you will already have selected the brand that contains all the chemicals you need, but it’s mainly about the temperature.

So you need a quality heat pad, or heat activator powder. You need to make sure you get it to the right temperature and then get straight to the lab.

You should also wear clothes adequate to keep the temperature warm, but be aware of the weather outside, and how you are going to travel.

When you get there, have a quick look before you go in, so that you don’t get caught out at the last minute.

In terms of submitting fake urine, obviously, you’re only going to submit it during an unsupervised drug test. So you strap it in your underwear, you go into the cubicle, then you simply pour it into the sample container. For more info on how to use synthetic urine for a drug test, I highly recommend to check out this blogpost.

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Fake Urine Brands To Avoid

The bottom line is that the best synthetic urine you can get your hands on will definitely pass a drug test.

But there are some brands out there you should avoid. They simply aren’t up to the standard needed to pass validity checking in a modern drug test. They may have done in the past, and they may be living on past glories in online reviews, but the truth is these brands simply won’t pass. These are old brands and their formula have been updated therefore they are no good anymore. What worked 15 years ago probably won’t work in 2019.

There are plenty of others, but the main ones that are talked about as being good, which actually aren’t, are:

  • Magnum
  • Xstream
  • Upass
  • Ultra Klean
  • JetClean
  • P sure
  • Ultra Klean
  • Agent X

The Best Synthetic Urine Brands That Work

But now I’ve done those brands down, I have to finish this synthetic urine review, by telling you what the best synthetic urine is.

A cheap solution, it’s only $40, is Quick Fix. It’s not the most complex brand on the market, but for the price, it’s a great option. Especially if you are only facing a cheap pre-employment drug test, it will be plenty good enough. You get a heating pad with it, and it’s pretty good, so you should be okay to keep it within the right temperature range.

At the other end of the price, the scale is Sub Solution, which costs $80. It’s far more complex than Quick Fix, containing 14 chemical markers. It also uses heat activator powder, rather than a heating pad.

The activator powder removes the worry about the temperature becoming cold. You don’t even need a microwave, you just put the powder in, and it agitates the liquid, warming it. You keep putting the powder in and checking the temperature strip until it registers within human urine temperature range.

So there you go, synthetic urine reviews should only be believed if they tell you about the chemical ingredients, and are honest about how reliable the heating methods are.

For me, the best synthetic urine out there is Sub Solution, with the budget option being Quick Fix.

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