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Detox Drinks For Drug Test: What Works And What Doesn’t

In my previous article, I wrote about using synthetic urine for drug test. Synthetic urine is the absolute safest and fastest way to pass an unsupervised drug test, however, if the test is supervised, you might need to choose a different strategy. There are special urinator devices what you can use, but honestly, I would not recommend them, they are way too risky, if the test is supervised only two methods can work: drug detox drinks and detox pills. In this article, I will review the best detox drink brands, and also tell how to use them properly.

How To Use Detox Drinks For Drug Test

Using marijuana detox drinks is easy. It’s not mentioned everywhere, but very important to stop smoking as early as you can. If your system is loaded with toxins the detox solution will struggle to mask toxins. So ideally, you should stop smoking weed, using drugs 72-48 hours before the test. Detox drinks actually dont detox you, just mask drug metabolites in your system, the window period is usually 4-5 hours. After you drank the solution, wait for a minimum of one hour and in the next 4 hours, your piss should be clean.

The instructions are slightly different for every detox drink brand, but usually, you need to drink the detox solution, refill the empty bottle 1-2x and urinate minimum of three times. Some detox drink requires one refill only and some say you should pee no more than twice, but the 2 urination is the minimum, this way you can release toxins from your system and your pee will be clear.

If you use high-quality detox drink, it should get you through the test easily, but if you are a heavy smoker, your chances to fail is much higher. For very heavy weed smokers its recommended to do natural detox for a couple of days, and speed up the detoxification with some detox pills. Toxin Rid is probably the best you can buy. This way you eliminate as many toxins as possible and the detox drink will have to mask fewer toxins. For very heavy smokers synthetic urine is the absolute best way!

Brands That Do Not Work

I do not want to waste too much time for this, but I would like to mention a few detox drink brands that do not work. They are advertised everywhere and available in most smoke shops. I personally know people who have failed with the following detox drink brands: Jazz Total Detox, Stinger, Magnum Detox Instant Flush, Qcarbo. From this list herbal Clean Qcarbo is probably your best option, but I would still suggest you stay away from it. There are much better, trusted brands on the market for a similar price. The best ones are obviously more important, but who cares about 20-30 dollars when your job is on the line?

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Best Drug Detox Drinks On The Market

I would like to recommend 3 detox drink brands, that I have personally tested and they all work! Some of them are available in big stores like Walmart, however, one of them is only available online, In special drug detox stores. These drinks are all suitable for heavy smokers. The best brands are:

Ultra Eliminex:┬áProbably the strongest and most expensive detox drink on the market, it’s easy to use and available in many stores. If you are a heavy smoker with a larger body type, this detox drink should be your number one choice. Last time I used this detox drink was back in April at Labcorp and I passed the test with flying colors.

Rescue Cleanse 32Oz: Another great product from Clear Choice brand. They are the manufacturer of the best synthetic urine brand on the market. This detox drink is also the cheapest from the list, one bottle costs 55$ and only available in special stores like Testnegative. I would recommend some pre-cleanse supplement before using the detox solution. Clear Choice has a detox pill called herbal Pre Cleanse Formula. Take these pills for a week or as long as you can, and you will pass your test easily.

Detoxify Mega Clean: This detox drink is also available in most stores. It has some light versions such as XXtra Clean and Ready Clean, but I would not recommend them. There is also a stronger version called Might Clean, but to be honest, I have never used it and I don’t know anyone who has used it in the past successfully. If you buy Mega Clean from Testclear, you will gt 6 toxin rid pre rid pills. It’s the strongest detox pill on the market, and a great way to eliminate as many toxins as possible within a very short period of time.

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